Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure Student’s Name Institution Question: 1) Diagnose the structure of your current employer organization and tell us why you think it is classified in that organizational structure. Firms and businesses require a structure to grow and function. Devoid of a structure, there is very little focus and clarity. Companies are referred to as “Organizations” because of a well-defined arrangement. Meaning, there is an organized stream of authority and leadership in which each person is thought to have an entire notion of whom they supervise, what they do, and to whom they eventually report. Therefore, any business that does not have a structure calls for trouble. However, it is simple to create an organizational structure that may be viewed and shared for enhanced clarity through the company. But before coming up with the structure, one needs to prudently analyze the business and consider the firm’s position (Doucette, 2011). Just as no two individuals are similar, there are no identical companies. Though there might be similar organizations in the same industry, there will steadily be differences and nuances between every product. Likewise, organizational structures differ depending on the company’s preference and production. My Current employer’s organization embraces a functional structure. Functional structure adheres to a categorized model that contains identified authority, roles, and promotional pathways (Alton, 2017). In my organization, the company is divided depending on specialty. The company has departments for specific functions like marketing, sales, customer service, finance, production, human resources among others.

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