Organizational Development in Health Care: Theory and Application 3

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Organizational Development in Health Care Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Organizational Development in Health Care It has been said that change is one of the most constant things in any organization. Increasing the performance of all the resources is a primary goal in many medical facilities. Organizational development deals with the various techniques and processes of managing organizational change and performance efficiently (Boss, 1989). Healthcare organizations are unique in that they provide essential humanitarian services while still aiming at profits. The dynamics of the healthcare industry change relatively fast just as in other sectors. With that said, firms in the industry are using organizational development strategies to boost efficiency and performance (Cummings & Worley, 2014). This theory has various concepts. One might wonder whether the ideas in organizational development theory are applied in the modern healthcare facilities. Some of these thoughts are discussed below. Organizational identity; organizational development theory recommends that each organization should have a unique identity that distinguishes it from other players in the sector. This can come in the form of the organization structure or by having a set of values, vision, and mission (Boss, 1989). The implementation of this concept has been slow in the most healthcare organizations. Though it can be said that some have passed on values to the employees by defining a code of ethics, most visions and missions are nothing but mere declarations. Organizational culture; this defines the set of procedures and policies in an organization. It can also incorporate the

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