Organization Strategic Planning Theories

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Organization Strategic Planning Theories Strategic planning refers to the systematic process of creating a vision of the desired future state, and turning this vision into widely defined objectives or goals, and outlining the procedure towards attaining them. Strategic planning is one of the fundamental aspects of modern business and helps determine the scope and direction of a business organization in the long run while allocating resources on the dynamic nature of the business environment regarding the market and customers. With the onset of globalization, each business has the challenge to draw clear and objective strategic business plans with the aim of diversifying products or services or risk being out of business. Strategic planning also induces a change of operational activities. Strategic plans are essential route maps for propelling a business from the current position to the next level. Strategic Planning has evolved over the years to be one of the fundamental parts of organizations. Furthermore, several theories have been developed by scholars to contribute to and explain the main components of strategic planning. In his five functions of management, Henry Fayol one of the major contributors to organization theory and practice included planning as one of the essential functions of management alongside organizing, control, coordination, and command. The paper presents an application of Sun Tzu’s principles in his documentary the ‘Art of War’ on organizational theories developed by Michael Porter. The paper discusses how the principles described in the ‘Art of War’ relates to Porter’s forces of business strategy models. Sun Tzu’s Principles and

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