organisational management

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Name Tutor Course Date RELATION OF THE READINGS TO THE PASSAGE Operation and strategy Operations from a business definition mean the day to day functioning of a business undertaken to generate profits CITATION Nig15 l 1033 (N and Lewis). Another term that is closely related to operations is operations management. This, in the briefest possible way that it can be put, is the design, execution, and control of activities that convert resources into the required and desired goods and services. It is also the implementation of a company’s business strategy (Achieving operational excellence) Operations management can be applied to many different industries. For instance, in the military division of the country, it is very important for the operations of a platoon be looked into to ensure the overall success of the entire force. (Operation in Practice) The strategy is the formulation and implementation and evaluation of decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives. The biggest part about it lies in the development of specific processes to and programs to achieve an organization's goals (Business Strategies). In today’s competitive globe business heads are required to not only understand but also to be able to apply in practice the differences between the strategy and operations. There are a number of hazards involved in involving too much in one part of the business. To give just as an example if company managers focus too much on the strategic side of a business then they will lose out on the profitability of efficient day to day running of the organization (Achieving operational excellence). The conflict between where to

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