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Name Instructor Course Date O’Pioneers Novel Summary O’Pioneers is an acclamation of praise to innovators, those great Americans who played a vital role in the transformation of wilderness into civilization. The book focuses on the life of a Swedish family, the Bergsons. They are immigrants to the US residing in a farm country near Hanover, Nebraska. Hanover is an imaginary town whose setting is around the 20th century (Cather 3). Alexandra Bergson, the main character inherits the farmstead when her father dies. Subsequently, she devotes her life to turning the farm into a sustainable enterprise irrespective of the myriad challenges. It is essential to note that she takes over the farmland at a time when other immigrants are leaving the lowland due to unending problems. The book also emphases on romantic relationships between Alexandra and Carl Lindstrom and another one between her brother and Marie Shabata, who is a married woman. Despite her young age, Alexandra assumes the family’s financial and domestic troubles upon the death of her father. She guides everything that the family engages in, and it is through her resourcefulness that she manages to secure a measure of wealth for her brothers and herself (Cather 12). It is quite clear that Alexandra is more resilient than her brothers. Her determination allows her to persevere when drought and despair strike the town. Many families, including her lover Carl, sell their farms and relocate to other places. As opposed to making a similar decision and moving away, Alexandra manages to convince her brothers to take a homeowner’s loan using their farmland and get more property (Cather 45). Also, she

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