opioid epidemic

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The Opioid Epidemic Student’s Name Institution Abstract The continuous usage of opioids in the treatment of chronic pain in non-cancer and cancer patients has continued to increase over the past few years. Various associations such as the American Pain Society, American Academy of pain medication, have attempted to commission a systematic review of the evidence supporting opioid therapies while multidisciplinary experts have reviewed the outcomes of the medication use on various patients. The use of this drug in nonmedical prescriptions has also been singled out within the settings outside the medical fields to be a cause of the rise of mortality. The abuse of opioids as prescription medication, consequently, has resulted in critical health problems amongst patients and an estimated fifty million individuals have used opioids to relieved pain for medical reasons. This paper evaluates the use of opioids as well as its relation to the mortality rates of patients within the medical settings. This relationship is also assessed based on the risk occurrence of the drugs overdose leading to the death of patients. The Opioid Epidemic within the Clinical Settings Introduction The opioid drugs are often referred as illegal due to the heroin component found in their compound. There are various synthetic opioids which include Fentanyl and other pain relief medication offered legally through a medical subscription. Examples of these prescriptions include oxycodone and hydrocodone. Codeine and morphine are other prescriptions regarded as opioids. Regarding the psychological perspectives, the elderly has become quite susceptible concerning the ongoing rise in complications

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