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Digital Media: Exploring Online Dating and Relationships Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Online Dating and Relationships All cultural and social lifestyles nowadays change. Finding partners through blind dates change dramatically that many television and digital media sites offer a hassle-free dating on the World Wide World. In other words, the traditional way of dating has undergone beyond time due to the advent of technology and the Internet. People date their partners and engage in certain relationships online. For example, courting as the steps in dating, broadcast media and digital media showcase The Bachelor, The Bachelorettes, Blind Dates, and many others. As the courting and dating system between two people change, the online dating as a means for finding relationships metamorphoses that people cannot escape. Online dating in the digital media transforms everything. When people say courting, for example, it means they are going to show emotions by becoming philanthropic since they give chocolates, flowers, cards, and many others. In order to achieve their goal, they always give what two people need online. They tempt to use these social networking sites that make them feel convenient. The possible effects when using social media to date someone online holds both the positive and the negative impacts. By comparing and contrasting, conventional dating appears to be two people walking side by side, watching sunset and sunrise together, eating meals, and traveling together. Today, people especially teenagers tend to date whoever they like through social networking sites. In the modern civilization, tons of sites are easy to access and for free.

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