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DOMESTICATION OF CATTLE Name: Class Information: Date: Background of the study Domestication of cattle began in the 9th millennium BC in Asia, South West in particular. The practice was later on introduced in Europe at some point in the Neolithic revolution. Conversely, the shortage of information from the initial domesticated cattle continues to hinder the accurate renovation of their demography earlier on. The co-evolutionary process is, however, ongoing, and domestication is more of a procedure than an invention. A variety of recent animal genetics as well as zoo-archaeology, have made prompts of adequate revision of humans’ perspectives in relation to the history of domesticated animals, especially in the African continent. According to the genetic analyses of species in domestic animals, household donkeys originate from African ancestors. This revealed the possibility of the origin of domestic cat and dogs as exogenous. The mapping of unique traits in association with genetic diversity studies in African cattle, pigs, chicken, and goats, reveal adjustment to regional environmental confrontations and offer suggestions to complex interactions among Africans and other regions. Introduction A frequent question asked for zoo archeologists by laypersons is the reason as to why African people never domesticated any of the wild animals. In relation to this, however, a response can be given that genetic evidence shows implicit assumptions which repay additional attention. To begin with, it gives an implication that the process is a milestone of human development that perhaps Africans never passed through. Contrary to Africans, other groups that dealt with both

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