Oliver Twist And Merchant of Venice Comparison Essay

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Name Institution Course Date Oliver Twist and Merchant of Venice Comparison Essay Merchant of Venice and Oliver Twist explicitly illustrate how Shakespeare and Charles Dicked literary prejudice against the Jews. They bring out their image as very distinct from all the original inhabitants of England at the time. The moneylender stereotype of the Jews can be considered the invention of Dickens in his book because, at the date of writing the books, the Jews still lived in England and the stereotype served as a live model for his thoughts or the thing that existed. They are creations as in the case of Shakespeare who tried to create a feeling of the stereotypes long after the Jews left England. In Shakespeare time, maybe only Christianized Jews could be remaining and might not have been visible with the general Jews activities such as lending of money because the church demonized the activity. So, therefore, it is evident that Dickens’ book gives the feel of reality while presenting the prejudices of Jews people in England than the counterpart. Everything constant, the two clearly demonstrates all the prejudice that the Jews people faced. They were the only moneylenders, an act that was considered unchristian by even their churches to mean that they faced criticism from even their people who had changed allegiance to Christianity and faced the realities of the Old Testament. The main contentious born was in their lending activities is that they did that for interests. The two books therefore primarily captured them as Shylocks which in Christianity then was serious contempt. It sparked severe ideological hatred between the characters of the two religious

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