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Name Instructor Course Date Part 1 Sources: The New York Times Summary one: Climate change is altering lakes and streams According to the scientists who studied both lakes and rivers, they found that human activities such as the burning of fossils have increased the concentration of carbon dioxide in the environment by about forty percent. Some of these gases mixed with inland water, which affects the organisms living in them (Craig et al. 2008) Researchers found that the high amount of carbon dioxide in water lowers the pH in the ocean and this affects the way the corals usually make their calcium skeleton in water. Again, organisms living in water depend on the changes in the chemical of the marine to detect their predators and search for their food. Interfering with the pH of the water affects their lives, as they may not be in a position to identify their predators. To estimate the level of carbon dioxide in water, they used two variables to test this, and it included the concentration of the organic carbon available and the temperature of the ocean. On Thursday, the scientists found that the level of the acidity had tripled between the periods of 1981 to 2015. To know the effect of the acidity in the sea, they used humble water flea. Frequently, the insects had a massive crest on their head and long spikes, which helped them, detect their predators. They lowered the pH of water by using hydrochloric acid, and they found that it affects the fleas by shortening both the crested head and the spikes thus, making them less efficient when detecting their predators. Part 2 Sources: The New York Times Summary two: NASA Ranks 2017 as the Second-Warmest

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