Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Writing Prompt

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Writing Prompt. The project entails in-depth definition of the obsessive compulsive disorder. The project further involves the means in which individual suffering from the disorder can get aid and thus seek treatment. The symptoms are clearly stated as outlined in the plan. The causes of OCD that includes; the family, brain problems, experiences and personality are greatly discussed. The efficient recommendations of crucial support from other relevant groups are availed. OCD Obsessions are images and impulses that occur recurrently and are felt out of person’s control. The individuals are having such disease feel the thought and such habits disturbing. The obsessions are often accompanied with disgust, fear, uncomfortable and intense feeling of dissatisfaction. Symptoms of OCD An individual suffering from OCD has various compulsive behaviors and thoughts. Getting help for OCD It is prudent to understand that people with OCD have a continuous reluctance to seek help from relevant groups. They often feel embarrassed or ashamed. The condition does not mean that an individual is suffering from any disease, it is healthy. However, the individual with OCD can be assisted by sharing information with the person concerning the problem. It is very efficient to let the person understand the condition and seek help from the physiotherapist if the condition persists. Treatment for OCD There are several means of treatment of the condition to reduce the impacts of the condition. The primary treatments are; Medication- in which individual is given antidepressants that reduce the effects of chemicals in the body. Psychological therapy- is formed in which

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