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Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Class: Date Counselling Seminar Introduction I attended a session in our community on how to counsel the youths and individuals who have problems or challenges. The session was led by counseling experts in the area. They wanted the parents or the guardians to be able to counsel their youths before they become depressed by the challenges. The problems that the youth undergo is due to the indulging in bad behaviors or lack of proper parental guidance. The society requires morally upright people to preserve its dignity and development. The counseling experts of the session highlighted the challenges that the youth undergo in their life and the emerging problems. They mentioned that the youth in the society are at a big risk of being misled by the modern technology and the reality TV shows (Hirschi, 370). The session was therefore aimed at maintaining the moral culture of the community and avoid mushrooming of vulgar people in the society. During the session, I observed that the counselors stressed on how to handle victims with various problems and give them guidance with ease. They said that the guiding session by the parents should first identify the kind of the problems the young person is undergoing. Different approaches should be adopted when dealing with various victims. The criteria to be used is based on the degree or level of the challenge. The counselor should follow the counseling steps to correctify the victim. If the guidance is done well by the parents to their children, there will be the preservation of the culture and minimal occurrences of the immoral activities in the society. This might be for the first

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