Obesity Film Reflection

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Obesity Film Reflection Dan’s attitude and experience with her body Despite Dan’s weight, he has remained brave hence the reason why he has not succumbed to what stereotypes say about him. He has upheld high self-esteem. He regards himself equal to other people regardless of the difference in weight. According to Dan, his body size does not describe who he is. Behaviors he has chosen to cope with weight Previously, Dan used to isolate himself to avoid other students who were picking on him. Presently, he has decided to exercise more so as to lose weight. He eats less even though he is always full. More importantly, he has chosen to give a deaf ear to the stereotypes. Assessment It is true that Dan has put on weight which is not good for his health. However, as he spoke, I realized that he has dealt with many challenges to get where he is. He has been criticized by his age-mates. He has been treated differently but all in all, he did not lose his self-identity. According to Dan, self-appreciation is the key to dealing with such challenges in life. This is an excellent personality. Donna’s attitude and experience with her body Donna is contented with who she is and her body size. After long struggles to lose weight without any success, she has accepted her body size. Most of the time, people treat her differently hence hurting her feelings. However, she has learned to appreciate who she is and love her body since her being overweight did not necessarily mean she was unhealthy. Behaviors that she has chosen to cope with weight Donna is well aware of the diseases that come with overweight including diabetes. To cope with her weight, she trains twice a week. She also

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