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Name:___________________________ Oates & CarverQuizENGL 102 Please download a copy of the quiz and answer the questions in FULL, grammatically sound sentence. Use specific quotes/examples from the text to back up your points whenever possible. What is the narrative point of view in the first part Joyce Carol Oates’ “Hi Howya Doin?” The author has employed a third person narrative point of view in narrating the story. She is not part of the story, but an observer who is reporting to the audience the events as they occurred. The third person narration is evident as she refers to the characters using third person pronouns. Throughout the narration, she refers to the main character as “he.” The other characters are also referred to by either their names or third person pronouns. What is the setting of the story? The story is set in a University. The setting is evident throughout the story. The male character is reported to be jogging at the western edge of the university arboretum. The characters that he meets while jogging are either working in the university or are students. What it the setting symbolic of? The setting of the story is used to symbolize a peaceful place. It is therefore disturbing when the jogger gets shot by another jogger for merely interfering with the killer’s private time by giving him a simple greeting. Besides, a university symbolizes a high moral ground due to its intellectual capacity. What foreshadowing does the author offer in the story? The death of the runner at the end of the story is foretold at the beginning of the story, in the crime report. The author observes that “…the initial police report will note,

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