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Crime # 1: Controlled Substance Offenses Article § 220 of the New York Penal law addresses criminal possession, manufacture and sale of controlled substance. Controlled substance offenses have several degrees. Subsection § 220.03 explores the meaning of controlled substances in the seventh degree which includes all substances enlisted in subsection § 3306 of the NYS Public Health Law ("Article 220 | NY Penal Law | Controlled Substances Offenses", 2016). The list includes concentrated cannabis but excludes marijuana as defined in section § 3302 of the NYS Penal Law Article. This is a class A misdemeanor whose sentence may span to a one-year imprisonment. Subsection § 220.06 is a fifth order degree that links offenders with unlawful possession of controlled substances with the aim of selling them. However, an emphasis is placed on cocaine, ketamine, hydroxybutyric gamma acid, concentrated cannabis, phencyclidine and any other narcotic preparation ("Article 220 | NY Penal Law | Controlled Substances Offenses", 2016). This is categorized under class D felonies where the sentence or probation spans from one to two and a half year. The penalty for a second-time offender may extend to 8 years where one can be convicted to parole supervision. Subsection § 220.09 is concerned with third-degree offenses which center on possession and sale of narcotics, stimulant, hallucinogenic, lysergic acid and phencyclidine. Third-degree offenses are considered class B felonies which are punishable by any imprisonment or probation of 1 to 9 years. The serving time of a second-time offender extends up to 12 years and may involve parole supervision. The second degree of criminal possession

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