Nursing Informatics Best-Practices Policy Document

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Nursing Informatics Best-Practices Policy Document Name Institution Nursing Informatics Best-Practices Policy Document Nursing informatics is a phrase that has gained many definitions over the years. However, all these definitions have a common spirit, technological and nursing sciences. Therefore, nursing informatics in simple words is; integration of nursing and its knowledge with information technology management to promote the health of the people (Kaur & Rawat, 2015). Despite many definitions for this phrase, its significance in achieving high-quality patient care cannot be disputed. Technology is rapidly improving, and nursing is moving towards computerization at the same speed. In this century, technology is no longer an optional factor in any management, healthcare sector included. Nursing informatics best-practices policy is an essential part of the modern medical care management. One of the reasons why it should be adopted in any healthcare management is to ensure high-quality delivery of services based on current evidence. This will, in turn, ensure that quality assurances are met, or better yet, exceeded. For continuous improvement in the innovation department of any medical care facility, informatics-based evidence care needs to be incorporated into the system. The most critical part of information management of a healthcare system is patient confidentiality. This goes hand in hand with data security, which depends largely on information technology and the medical staff. Clinicians and physicians should, therefore, take a keen interest in this policy. The management should also consider the same during the new-hire program. Best practice

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