Nursing health care issue related to health policy or health care economics.

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Advocacy on Ways of Prevention and Management of Childhood Obesity Author Institution Abstract Childhood obesity is a serious setback towards the US Government’s intention of providing effective healthcare to all. It is rapidly spreading among the school children and with it the other related health conditions like cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. The purpose of this paper is to formulate an advocacy plan in conjunction with the government agencies, affected community and medical practitioner that strives to prevent and manage childhood obesity. The authors seek to present background on childhood obesity in the USA. The paper also presents measures that can be done by nurses in the community to create awareness and help in the elimination of the problem. The author argues on the pros and cons of the advocacy of the health problem. The author finally presents an opinion on the best way forward according to the research done. From the findings the author encourages nurses to collaborate with the community, the government officials and other healthcare providers to come up with a health policy that works towards preventing childhood obesity in the Country. Advocacy on Ways of Prevention and Management of Childhood Obesity Obesity is a big problem in the whole world; this is especially true in urban areas where the lifestyle is sedentary, and most residents perform very limited physical activities. The problem is made worse by the proliferation of fast food joints and increase in availability of processed foods. Every corner of the street there is a joint that deals with fast foods. The mass media has also made a substantial contribution towards the

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