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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Nursing Workforce 2014- Article Review Question 1 The sample of the nursing workforce in the article includes dynamic individuals with varying age categories, education as well as location predispositions in addition to personal preferences (American Nurses Association 2). The system in the survey for the study is such that the education system that caters for the nursing professionals equates to the requirements in the workplace. Question 2 The researcher intended to dissect the nursing profession by providing data on the requirements as well as the conditions of entry into the practice of nursing with a focus on the transition from nursing education to employment. Question 3 In research, there are the tools for data collection form the interaction between the subject of the study and the researcher. Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove describe research design as the blueprint that is utilized in conducting a study (Burns and Grove 253). The design, therefore, manages the factors that contribute to the validity and reliability of the findings in the study. In research, reliability is the consistency along with the reproducibility of test outcomes while validity represents the closeness to the construct of the analysis. Question 4 The predominant method of data collection in the review article is the use of surveys. For my clinical nursing issue, I would employ the survey method of data collection because it registers the spontaneous opinion of the subject in the study. The measurement methods in the study, similar to the review article would focus on the parameters that distinguish the test subjects. The

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