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Improving Transformational Leadership Framework through Personalized Adaptive Hypermedia Name Institution AbstractThe implementation of transformational leadership frameworks in team scenarios has not had as much of positive effect as would have been expected. This less than expected positive effect has been attributed to the inability of team leaders to implement the frameworks with consideration to fully comprehending scenarios and adopting the best approach. This is the result of an inability to fully customize their experiences. To address this problem the use of personalized adaptive hypermedia has been proposed as a tool for customizing leadership experiences. This implementation has, however, been plagued by some problems more so in the authoring language of personalized adaptive hypermedia systems and capacity for use in different scenarios. This follows the understanding that an effective customization tool must use a language that the leader easily understands, with emphasis on customization. This paper has proposed the integration of user ideas in developing more user interactive and effective personalized adaptive hypermedia to increase the efficiency of transformational in improving team performance and improve team leader’s performance. Table of contents TOC o "1-3" h z u Abstract PAGEREF _Toc505333701 h 2Introduction PAGEREF _Toc505333702 h 4Research statement PAGEREF _Toc505333703 h 7Literature review PAGEREF _Toc505333704 h 7Key research questions PAGEREF _Toc505333705 h 8Research hypotheses PAGEREF _Toc505333706 h 9Implications of the research PAGEREF _Toc505333707 h 9Reference PAGEREF _Toc505333708 h 10 IntroductionTransformational

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