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Norovirus Noroviruses refer to a group name of associated RNA viruses that have lately been categorized into the Caliciviridae family and fall under the Norovirus genus group. Noroviruses are the primary source of acute gastroenteritis or stomach flu found in human beings. Based on the capsid protein classification, the viruses are divided again into other six other genogroups referred to as GI to GVI. The most circulating norovirus genotype among the population of human beings is the GII, which result in almost ninety-five percent of the disease. Norovirus are a little bit smaller virus compared to other viruses found in the family of Caliciviridae having a diameter of around 27nm. When norovirus is viewed under a microscope, its edges are not defined well. However, the virus shape is round, single-stranded, non-enveloped positive-sense RNA. The dominant viruses are replaced after every two to three years because of norovirus antigenic and recombination drift, whereby the new variant can re-infect the organism that was previously immune to it. The virus remains very infectious at low pH values. The virus becomes active under wet room temperature. The infection can occur at any particular time of the year. However, in climates that are temperate, it is mostly common during winter. Noroviruses are protected from the environment by the protein capsid. Therefore, they can survive in groundwater, seawater, fresh water, under specified laboratory conditions and soil for an unspecified duration. The symptom associated with norovirus includes vomiting, nausea, watery diarrhea, low-grade fever, stomach cramping, muscle ache, headache, or chills (Schaechter, Engleberg, DiRita,

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