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History of Electronic Media Name Institution Guglielmo Marconi is often recognized as the architect of the radio. As a young man, Marconi read Heinrich Hertz’s biography who had experimented and written about early forms of wireless transmission. Guglielmo then duplicated these experiments successfully in his home sending transmissions. Actually, communication over long-distances has been in existence ever since the mid 19th Century. People used the telegraph to communicate messages using a series of short and long clicks. Using this technology, far distances like England and the United States were connected with cables crossing the Atlantic Ocean. By late 1870s, the technology had been used in the development of the telephone, which was able to transmit one’s “voice over the cables” by its predecessor. When Guglielmo made wireless technology popular, his colleagues viewed it initially as a way that could “allow the telegraph to function in areas that were not connected by cables.” Early radios were used as devices of communication between naval ships and stations on land; “person-to-person communication” was the center of attention. Nonetheless, the broadcasting potential – “sending messages to a large group of potential listeners” – was not realized until later on in the advancement of the communication means (Butsch, n.d.). There is no doubt that the past; few decades have witnessed drastic changes in the field of technology. The world has increasingly become dependent on this phenomenon due to the numerous benefits realized so far. In particular, the field of telecommunications has experienced major transformation to the extent that

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