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Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Questions and Answers Question 1:  The tool by Marx and Engels is dialectical materialism. It looks into the subjects surrounding humanity and the relationship they have with one another in a changing and dynamic environment, as opposed to the suggestions of metaphysical materialism which majors in studying the world and how it affected humans in a non-changing and stagnant isolated environment. Marxism which was majorly advanced by Marx and is a part of the two works by Marx and Engels suggests that people are divided into two classes. The first class is the bourgeoisie who are made up of those who control the capital which is a means of producing income or other commodities. The second class is the proletariat who on the other hand make the labor accessible. These two are said by Marx and Engels to always struggle against one another in what is called the class struggle. In my view, it is acceptable that human history is studied from the hard evidence as Marx suggests, on the real experiences by the active men. As men grow over the years, their material possession and the status of their mind changes, this is unlikely for matters like religion, morality and other metaphysics subjects whose change process is minimal or the same over many years. However, in my view it is unacceptable that entirely metaphysics items do not change, it is my idea that with time, things like religion evolve, separations occur as people take various denominations. Things thought to be immoral in the past also change over the years with civilization and further research. For example, some religions today accept

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