Nigerian ibgo culture/ artifacts

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Student’s Name: Course: Instructor: Date: Igboukwu Roped Bronze pot The pot dated to the 9th century and was initially revealed by Isaiah Anozie in 1938, after discovering bronze works while plowing beside his home. Professor Thurstan Shaw claimed that the artifact depicted a high level of technical proficiency. Consequently, the invention led to the rise of bronze industry as Igbo members started to see the significance of bronze. The roped pot belongs to an assortment of antique Igbo archeological possessions as it is viewed to be one of the classiest bronze dexterity ever made by man. Therefore, this paper shall carry out research on Igboukwu roped bronze pot in the ancient and current Igbo society. The creation of the pot was based on the lost wax system that developed artifacts in stages so as to add convolution. The wall of the bowl was made up of decorative items such as insects, and spirals that were cast and placed in a wax model before the development of the central parts of the vessel. On the same note, the pot could be cast into two parts and trimmed together by molding a middle band. Similarly, metal handles were fixed so as to depict the designs of organic gourd vessels that were mainly used in ritual practices (Allen and Hopkins, 306). Hence, the effort deployed in coming up with this particular masterpiece made it be only owned by the incredibly wealthy and powerful people of Igbo society. The pot could be quarried at the burial compartment of an old Igbo gallant man, and this made it not to be an everyday domiciliary item. The ancient roped bronze pot’s pictures, and examples still exist in the modern Igbo culture. Many photos and

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