New Technologies And Strategies to Improve Airport Security Experience

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Future Travel Experience. Retrieved 9 November 2016, from to the author, there has been tremendous development at the airport. The author says that the main focus is to improve the security systems in the airports and the airplanes. He purports that the technology in security is driven by the need to scan passengers efficiently without waste of time. The author also states that people have used technology to increase accuracy in the detection of threats before they occur. The author concludes that the new technologies employed in the airport industry not only enhances security measures in the airport but also improve the experience of passengers (Future Travel Experience, 2016). I agree with the writers’ point of view. The aircraft industries have been at the top among the industries that manipulate technologies to increase efficiency and performance. Recently the Airports Authority have been financing various researchers in the universities and engineering giants to improve the security of the airports (Dillon & Thomas, 2014). However, I believe the author forgot to mention that the main reasons airports invest in technology. It is because the industries have been victims of a terrorist attack (Davies, 2002). The technology employed is also driven by competition in the aircraft industries. The assumption made by the author is that the technological developments are luxury driven and less of demand driven. The author also assumes that all airports in the world are improving their systems daily as the American airports. He implies that the development comes

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