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Issues Related to the Research Proposal Q1. Why it is important to access clean water? Access to clean and continuous water supply is a basic necessity for everyone. Clean water reduces the chance of gastrointestinal infections that are caused by water-borne microbes. Moreover, clean water is often fortified with minerals and metals that are necessary for humans, plants and animals. Hunter, MacDonald, and Carter (2010) stated that “safe, reliable, affordable, and easily accessible water is essential to ensure good health across humans” (n. p). However, for several decades the human race has faced the scarcity and accessibility to quality potable water. Hunter et al. (2010) highlighted that almost 7.5 liters of clean water per individual per day is needed to ensure health and sustainability. On the other hand, the value jumps by 7 times per capita when the requirements of accessibility to clean water include agriculture and sewage. Hence, Hunter et al. (2010) stated that ‘to cover all the requirements of drinking, laundry, agriculture, sewage, and daily household activities, there is a requirement of around one thousand cubic meters of freshwater” (n. p.). Q2. What kinds of pollutants are found in domestic wastewater? The Water Policy of different countries aims to promote sustainable supply and use of potable water by reducing the discharge of contaminants into the aquatic bodies from either urban or industrial wastes. Metals such as platinum and palladium gains access to waste water from the catalytic convertors. On the other hand, organic pollutants that are found in wastewater include polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and PCBs

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