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Networking Name Institution Networking Creating platforms for giving and taking information and services amongst people, factions of people and institutions not only creates healthy relations but also fosters possibility for doing businesses and creating chance for employment of individuals in society. Networking, therefore, should not just be a handled casually, but instead, be given the attention it deserves. Networking when done at the appropriate time, manner and place would be very effective. It is common knowledge that social media has been a great platform for enterprises to advertise their ventures and products they provide. These broadly include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and many others. However much we engage in online play grounds, we should also pay close attention to our human touch. In essence, person to person networking only strengthens social media and online networking. Face- to-face communication enables a lot to be communicated to a person. Networking is by no means rocket science. It is an art that has to be mastered with time. You can begin by establishing connections with the people close to you. They not only enhance a sense of belonging and confidence but also prepare you to network with people you have never me say in organizations The words that you say play a big role as far as networking is concerned. Pick your words well. However you should not ever burden yourself on what you would say. When laying the foundation for a new relationship with a contact, it is important that you say your honest curiosity in their job and advice. Also, be knowledgeable enough to have a conversion on their work. However, this not always be

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