Netflix Environment

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Netflix Environment Student’s Name University Netflix Environment Netflix, Inc. is an Internet subscription service organization that offers subscription service streaming TV shows and movies by sending DVDs through the mail and over the Internet. It runs its business via various segments, such as the Domestic DVD, Domestic streaming, and International streaming (Bradshaw, 2017). The company receives content from different studios and various content suppliers via fixed-fee licenses, direct buying, and revenue sharing contracts. Netflix markets its service via different outlets, such as the online advertising, partnerships, and broad-based media like radio and television. Finally, the company was founded on August 29, 1997, by Wilmot Reed Hastings Jr. and Marc Randolph and it’s headquartered in Los Gatos, CA. General Environment Political Segment The United States markets consist of viewers moving from old-fashioned TV to on-demand video streaming services. Nevertheless, the rise in the Internet consumption has forced the US telecom titans AT&T have contacted the Federal Communications Commission to remain firm on more stringent consumption protocols (Bradshaw, 2017). If the regulations are passed via Congress, the price of the Internet could increase and, therefore, threatening the business structure of Netflix’s online streaming service. Economic Segment It is reported that in 2016, the company had more than 100 million subscribers using their service worldwide. One crucial factor is their competitive pricing as compared to traditional TV services. With the current global economic slump in which several consumers’ expenditure budgets are

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