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Needs Assessment Student’s Name Student ID Professor’s Name Date of Submission Capturing memories is a small company that specializes in photography. The company offers these services for weddings as well as other special events. The company intends to expand the business to encompass corporate events. The company is facing several issues. First, the company’s employees are not cooperative since they have been forming groups to continue asking for pay rise even after clear communication from the management. These employees have been asking for salary hike but the business owner, Mr. Timothy Shields has communicated to them that this demand cannot be met since the business is not capable yet. The business has been losing clients due to this situation as employees are not performing their jobs as expected. The company has also been losing many of its projects to competitors due to this problem that it has with employees. The desired performance of the firm and employees is linked to the present performance. The company intends to be offering is services to corporate events. It also desires to create a brand name that will help increase the number of clients. The company depends on its small number of employees to help it in achieving its goals and objectives. The current performance of the company is below considering what the company wants to achieve in future. There is a gap that must be filled to ensure that a bridge is built to ensure that the goals, as well as objectives, are met (Royse, 2009). There are several opportunities for this organization. The company can grow to great heights since there are

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