Nature/Nurture Debate Paper

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Nature/Nurture Debate Paper Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Nature/Nurture Debate Paper Is Aggression A Social Learning Behavior? Human behavior is a demonstration of the effects different stimulus have on an individual or group and occurs as a set of physical or emotional responses. Many studies have attempted to look into various factors believed to cause human behavior and consequently come up with a wide range of findings (Ferguson, 2016). While some findings regard aggression as a biological phenomenon, another hold hat is a behavior achieved through social learning. Aggression is a behavior that results from frustration and aimed at causing harm to someone or something (McCawley, 2001). Although human behavior such as aggression is achieved through nurturing, there is a certain degree to which it can be attributed to nature or genetic factors. Aggression is highly a learned behavior that individuals acquire under environmental influences. Several studies and scientific models support this claim including Frustration-aggression model. In this model, aggression is demonstrated as a result of frustration caused by the external factors. Similarly, Albert Bandura’s social learning theory brings into a perspective of aggression as a learned behavior in two ways. One way is by observing, and the other is by receiving or expecting payoffs. For example, during Bandura’s Bobo doll experiment, children exposed to aggressive model showed aggressive behavioral responses matching those of the models. Such imitative responses were not observed among the group exposed to the nonaggressive and control models (McLeod, 2014). Consequently, Bandura concluded that

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