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Outline: Mythology Name Institutional Affiliation Date Mythology Introduction Definition of mythology - a study and research of myths of a group or groups of people. Thesis statement – mythology is a collection of myths of a particular people and studying its inception, evolution and current traits is imperative in understanding the culture of people of a particular community. Inception Mythology origins Mythology originated from distorting historical occurrences. Storytellers told such stories repeatedly until they became myths. Mythology also originated from allegories of distinctive natural features and spiritual or philosophical contexts. Examples of allegories in ancient Greece are Poseidon representing water and Athena representing judgment (Nilson, 1972). Evolution Pre-modern evolution The Presocratics were the first to begin interpreting myths. Ehemerus, an important mythologist in the pre-modern period, interpreted myths as true historical occurrences. Sallustius categorized myths into physical, theological, animistic, material and mixed. Nineteenth century Scholarly mythical theories were advanced in the nineteenth century. The theories interpreted myths as a failure mode of thinking and primitive equivalence of science (Bowman, 2007). Twentieth century Theories advanced in the twentieth century contrasted with those of the nineteenth century. Myths are regarded as an outdated equivalence of science. Some scholars opined that myths are patterns of cultures of different societies (Bowman, 2007). Current traits Myths are currently a collection of various stories. Digital media and modern technology are some of the

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