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Authors Name: Instructors Name: Course: Date: Music therapy Part One How did you first encounter the topic? My first encounter with the topic of music therapy was during summer break when I attended a local music concert at our community center. During this event, I got a chance to interact with some of the performing artists. As I was interacting with one very talented female singer, I was curious to know how she got into music. From her story, when she was growing up she was very introverted, and her parents were concerned since she always kept it to herself. Her parents took her to a therapist who recommended music therapy as a remedy. What do you know about this topic that makes it relevant to you? Music therapy is relevant to me because I have experienced it at a personal level. From the interaction with my peers, it is evident that music therapy is a matter that needs deeper understanding to employ when in situations that affect one physically, psychologically and emotionally. Knowing that there will be tough days and situations that will always come about in future, I am more interested in fully grasping how it works. How do you encounter this topic in your current life? I love music, and I believe it's a very powerful tool for expressing one's emotions and educating young people. Whenever I have had a bad day, or I just want to relax my mind, I listen to music. Despite the initial temperament, I was in, whenever I listen to it, it automatically changes to the mood of the song. Listening to music while working or taking a walk in the park gives me inner peace and creates an environment full of possibilities and positivity within me.

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