Music Characteristics

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Name Professor Course Date Elements of Music You don't know what love is by the American rock band The dynamics of the song are mezzo-forte. The song is relatively loud in terms of the pitch. The instruments used are also loud. The rhythm of the song is fast and the pitch is high. The other element of this song is the texture (Martineau 42). The texture of the song is Homophonic such that the artists use more than two notes at the same time. The style of the song is rock and the tone of the song is melody. I love it when you dance that way by Donald brow The style of the song is a classic jazz music. The texture of the song is monophonic and the rhythm is a duple meter. The beats of the music are organised in terms of two pulses per group (Martineau 40). The dynamics of the music are moderately quiet and the pitch is low. The tone of the song is a dark and rich. Beautiful Love Beautiful love is a rhythm and blues style of music that is characterised by a rich tone and a low pitch. The rhythm of this song is Accelerando, such that it gradually increases at different sections of the song. The dynamics of this form of music is mezzo-piano in that, it is moderately quiet. The song has a polyphonic texture. I fall in love too easily by jule slyne  The song falls under the classical style of music. The pitch of the song is low with a dark and rick tone. The rhythm of the song is Ritardando, the rhythm slows down gradually. The texture of this song is monophonic such that the song uses a single melody without harmony. The dynamics of the song is piano, the song is relatively quiet (Martineau 24). I wish I knew I wish I knew is a classical style of music.

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