music and violence- the wall from Pink Floyd

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Music and Violence Name Institution Introduction Initially, the wall was an intriguing and imaginative musical album that was developed into a movie after three years upon its first release: double album. The Wall is a trilogy of tracks that tell of three pertinent facets of the character’s life which contribute to building the wall: the movie presents the lyrics of the album. The storyline of The Wall is about a rock star with a troubled childhood which he compensates as an adult through sex, drugs, and Rocking and Rolling. After losing his father while he was just a child, Floyd was raised up by an overprotective mother that helped build the wall that confined him to a falsified state of Nazism, which in turn compelled him to lead a miserable life as he remained a rag doll. The wall is of a psychological nature, and the climax results in its crumbling down after a self-evaluation that made Floyd realize that he needed to be an autonomous person. The film, The Wall, takes on a unique style of execution, making it a great masterpiece due to its blend of animation, surrealism, and action. Animation is used to epitomize symbolism and metaphorical allusion. Roger Waters, the band’s leader, wrote the album while its composer, Alan Parker, was the director. Despite the fact that the album’s protagonist is Pink Floyd, he is an incarnation of Roger Waters, who went through similar experiences that resulted in the creation of a wall that acted as a shield from the surrounding world and associated harsh experiences. The wall is meant protect Floyd from undergoing ordeals of oppression and violence similar to those he had endured since his childhood. The wall is an

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