Multicultural Knowledge

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Multicultural Knowledge Name: Institution: Multicultural Knowledge In my estimation, I believe that I have multicultural knowledge and awareness. I have often interacted with people from different cultures in school and other social settings, and this has given me a chance to learn, value, and respect our cultural differences. For example, when I am placed in a new group, I take time to learn about other people’s cultures such as their language and this gives me a chance to be culturally aware. According to Kirst-Ashman (2013), members of a group should strive to identify and be sensitive towards the differences of others. I strive to be aware of other cultures by constantly learning. In general, I have multicultural knowledge based on the interactions I have had with individuals from other cultures. The group situation where I feel uncomfortable is when people start stereotyping others. For example, when I am in a diverse group, and someone starts making stereotypical statements about others, I feel uncomfortable as this may offend those affected. Additionally, the other situation where I feel uncomfortable is when people start making jokes about other cultures when I am in a diverse group as this shows cultural insensitivity. There are several things I do to enhance my multicultural knowledge, awareness as well as sensitivity. Firstly, I will seek to interact with more people from other cultures other than mine. Moreover, I will also read various cultural texts to understand the aspects of different cultures. I will expand my friendship network by reaching out to people from other cultures. Furthermore, I will also teach other people about my culture as

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