Multi-Agency Emergency Event Paper

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Name Professor Course Date Multi-Agency Emergency Response On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, the terror groups al-Qaeda executed an attack on the World Trade Centre Twin Towers in New York. They did so by hijacking two local airplanes and flying them into the buildings, causing two separate explosions. One of the aircrafts belonging to American Airlines had departed from Boston, and the notification about the hostile takeover was realized too late. Timothy Doke – the then vice president of corporate communications, responded by rushing to the company's strategic command center (Argenti n.p). The militants had also captured two other planes one of which never reached its target and the other was used to attack the headquarters of the U.S. military (Bullock , Haddow and Coppola 36). The event saw the loss of over 3000 lives – both occupants of the building and rescue personnel. The New York City Fire and Police Departments, Ports Authority Police and other medical emergency crew arrived at the site within minutes of the first crash. They immediately started evacuation procedures in the staircases and parking lots of the buildings, as well as the subway station and surrounding areas. The second plane hit while the teams were in action taking out several casualties. More service persons had to be sent to the scene; the fire department, for example, had to recall all members who had been relieved of their duty to assist in the operation (FDNY Report 35). The chief of police department raised the alert to level 4 to mobilize as many staff as were available. Their primary role was the evacuation and aiding injured victims. According to the Fire Department Report

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