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Name: Institution: Course: Date: Mulan Movie Review Positive Review The film Mulan was positively received due to its feministic appeal. So far, it stands out as one of the best Disney produced films that project a strong female main character. Mulan is projected as an opinionated female character who seeks to search deeper into her inner being (Brown, 1). She is different from other Disney female characters such as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella who are synonymous with having a prince charming, living in luxury and living in royalty. Instead, Mulan is projected as a female character that has the potential to be creative and also be an effective leader in implementing her own laid down policies. Just like Disney the male characters, Mulan is able sacrifices herself for the love of her community just like Hercules was portrayed over the years (Brown, 1). The uniqueness of Mulan is also showcased when she not concerned with the aspect of finding true love like other female characters in Disney-produced film. Even though she is attracted to Shang but she avoids meeting the matchmakers who had predicted that their relationship in future. She took over the leadership of the army from her father. In military leadership, she does not wish to be a man for her to make a significant impact in battle but she believes in her inner strengths, and this is what other Disney female characters lack (Brown, 1). Even though she impersonates a man in order to join the war but her courage effectively enhances the theme of feminism in this film. Besides, the movie contains simple villains who are destructive in nature in regards to killing innocent villagers and

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