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Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Psychology Date Movie Analysis: The Madness of King George The Madness of King George is a funny biographical film that tells the story of King George III during his reign in 1788. He was diagnosed with mental illness and had to undergo treatment by doctors using the inadequate methods of treatment available at the time. The movie begins with the king being crowned in his chambers and he later proceeds to open parliament or “the house of peers” as described in the film. Shortly into his reign, the king begins to show the signs of madness through the way the king behaves. It is clearly seen all the way from the start, he talks to himself in the presence of his subjects and gets angry very quickly, harassing and insulting his servants and courtiers which indicate the extent of his madness. His oldest son, Prince George also observes his father’s behavior with a keen eye and begins to internally plan the downfall of his father and his rise to the office of Regent and also marriage to a Catholic mistress he has been keeping (Beard 1117-1117). The prince’s ambitions are encouraged and supported by Charles Fox, another ambitious member of the parliament who has hopes of passing his progressive and radical Agenda in the leadership which are unlikely to pass under the current government. The king’s illness becomes worse to the point where he behaves badly in public and with all his subjects seeing him. Doctor Warren is called upon to attempt to give the king a cure that could help him be well, but he is not able to treat the king since no medicine is good enough. Dr. Willis is later called to assist the

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