Movie analysis of the imitation game and the main character

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Surname Instructor Course Date An Analysis of the Imitation Game movie Part 1 Plot Summary The movie is based on a code breaker called Alan Turing. The police visit his residence to investigate suspected theft. However, they discover that Turing was homosexual and charge Turing with ‘gross indecency.' Turing is an authority in mathematics and code-breaking. It is because of the ingeniousness that he made a machine that cracked the Germany Enigma during the WW II. Part 2 Social loathing This is a tendency of people not to maximize their potential when working in a group than when they are working alone. In the Imitation Game, social loathing is encountered in the scene when Turing chooses to work alone on a project to crack the Enigma codes (“Imitation game.” YouTube).While Turing embarks on constructing a machine to crack the codes, his other colleagues try to create a formula for hand calculation. Turing's direction of research bears fruit, and the machine is created. The topic is important for the understanding of human behavior because it can help employers in recruitment. It would help employers recruit wisely by getting the right job to the right person. People like Turing who work best individually could be assigned duties which require less teamwork and consultation. Scapegoat The scapegoat is the tendency of some people to blame others for their failures or bad behavior. In a flashback, we learn how Turing became a homosexual. Christopher Morcon was the big boy who used to protect Turing from bullies in school (“Imitation game.” YouTube). They stayed together most of the time, and they started becoming intimate. Turing blames this

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