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Self-Motivation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Self-Motivation The ability to motivate oneself is a unique factor towards personal development and character building. It is a fact that along with our day’s duties and chores, we encounter numerous situations demean our efforts needless to say break us down into pieces. While such moments are discouraging, the most important thing is to be able to rise again in high spirits. I took time to evaluate and weigh my preferences to prioritize things that motivate me (Dienhart, 2013). My sources of motivation are both intrinsic and extrinsic. I had always wanted to serve in a healthcare environment, and the passion helps me maneuver through discouragements. We work to make a living and bearing in mind that I need to make a living, the thought of buying a house or a car someday keeps me on track and focused. Some factors that motivate me to beat the low moments in my profession keep my dreams to excel true (Nkomo & Fottler, 2012). I have several maneuver moves to keep me off from discouragement. For example, when setting my daily tasks, I restrain myself from being realistic. At times there is a lot to accomplish within a single day, and this forces me to list the tasks depending on the priority and urgency. This has worked positively for me as I have been able to keep off job-related pressures (Meskill, 2013). Being the first born in our family, my siblings look up to me, and I always feel obliged to set the best example for them. This has not been a difficult task as I often visit them during my off hours. We play games that help relax my mind. I have also learned to engage my family, so we share a lot,

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