Motivating employees

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Motivating Employees Student’s Name Institution’s Name Abstract Organizational performance reflects management prowess for any company. Companies that score poorly on employee retention and also organization output have a higher likelihood of hosting inexperienced managers. Employee motivation goes a long way in ensuring that an establishment maintains its productivity. Majority of the top-rated organizations to work for, are ranked top in employee motivation and managerial conduct. The firms under this study precisely demonstrate the various motivational theories that are crucial to the success of any business. These motivational methods included intrinsic motivational theory and cognitive evaluation theory. The Intrinsic motivational approach is on the employee's internal motivational factors. This theory explains that for productivity to be optimum, external factors should be few. The Cognitive evaluation theory explains that people tend to perform best when left to complete tasks with little supervision. SAS happens to be the company that any graduate or seasoned worker would prefer getting employed. A keen evaluation of the company together with the other top rated enterprises, management and motivation, appears to be their recipe for success. Keywords: motivation, management, organization Motivating Employees Question 1 Many factors may get attributed to the success of a business. Majority of the firms highlighted as ideal work environments exhibit proper management and employee motivation. Good managerial; skill by the top management brass has proven to be one of the essential aspects of the success of any business (Amabile, 2013). Besides,

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