Most counterinsurgency efforts by outside (non-domestic) actors result in failure. Why?

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Counterinsurgency Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Counterinsurgency In the recent years, foreign counterinsurgencies have had a low success rate. The emergences of counterinsurgent operations in post-war countries in Asia and African have faced numerous challenges, especially from the belligerents. The objective of any counterinsurgent operation is to win the support of the locals. However, this is a complex task due to various factors such as cultural awareness, infiltration of the belligerents into the system and the support of the local people to the insurgents. Non-domestic counterinsurgent experience difficulty in cultural assimilation within the country they occupy causing complexity in their operation. Culture awareness involves population engagement in issues that value their beliefs and traditions. However, meeting these standards of the local culture has always been a great impediment to counterinsurgent success. For instance, the Afghanistan counterinsurgent operation encounters culture conflict between the American’s military culture and the local Afghans (Eland, 2009). This makes it hard to influence the local to have a common interest and subdue the insurgents Additionally, the local insurgent is often outgunned by the invading power but have a powerful home advantage. This gives them the first hand when it comes to relating to the local civilians as opposed to the foreign power. As such, they blend in with the civilians making it hard for the foreign power to identify innocent civilians and insurgent warlords. Consequently, operating a counterinsurgent operation becomes difficult due to lack of total corporation from the civilians

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