Morality and Empathy

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Name Institution Morality and Empathy Morality and Empathy Research Questions The currency will be focused to address the following questions: What is the relationship of morality and empathy? How a higher level of one factor influences the other? What underlying factors can affect this relationship in a direct and indirect way? Statistical Analysis For this analysis, a primary data analysis procedure will be used. Independent variable will be empathy while morality will be the dependent variable. The purpose of the study will be to observe how a higher level of empathy leads to better moral values of a person. In theory, there is a wide consensus that these two are strongly associated to each and there is more like a two-way relationship between them. This statistical analysis will use a Likert scale questionnaire that will be distributed in a group of people selected through snowball sampling. These questions will be used to gauge the possibility of a person having a higher level of morality with empathy. The questions in the survey will be something like the following: I like children. I like to comfort a crying kid. I feel sad when I see a person being sad. A set of 30 questions will be used and the purpose of these questions will be to analyze the behavior of the participants and the connection between empathy and morality. After collecting the data, primary data analysis techniques will be used to research about the topic and find out the extent of relationship between the two parameters. The method will be effective in collecting useful data and ensuring that the validity of the variables is tested before the final outcome.

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