Missed Opportunities

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Missing Opportunities Name Institution Affiliation Abstract In the “Missing Opportunities,” a scenario is used where a hospital by the name Crestview is using a new billboard adjacent to the other hospital called Briarwood as an advertisement strategy. The raising of the billboard by the Crestview has some advantages as well as the shortcoming. Some of the advantages that it has included the creation of awareness to the new customers and also giving an alternative to the customers who are seeking a different medical center from the Briarwood. The raising of the billboard is also likely to result in mixed reactions since other people may feel that the Crestview are after making a profit without a proper delivery of services. For that matter, it is recommended that effective marketing strategies be put in place to cover up the shortcomings. The effective marketing strategies are normally accompanied by effective communication strategies with the customers as well. Therefore the two hospitals are expected to look into better ways in which they can get more market for their services and products. Keywords: advertisement, marketing, strategies, effective communication, customers, services. Pros and Con Raising the new billboard by the Crestview directly adjacent to the Briarwood has both advantages and shortcomings as seen by the customers who are to be treated as well as the stakeholders of the healthcare community. Some of the benefits of erecting of the new billboard are the conspicuousness of the billboard that catches the eyes of the passersby, and this makes the information to spread to many people within a short period. The Crestview, therefore, has high

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