Millennials in the Workplace

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Millennial in the Workplace Name Institutional affiliation Date Millennial in the Workplace The interview with Simon Sinek is quite interesting as it gives his thoughts on the millennials at the workplace. As noted by Sinek, dealing with the millennials is quite a challenge considering the nature of the environment they were brought up. "They are accused of being entitled and narcissistic, self-interested, unfocused and lazy" as pointed out by Sinek. It is a reality with this generation, and without proper control and guidance, they are destructive. Despite all that, it is upon the right mentorship to be instilled in them to achieve great leaders. They are a unique group that needs to be handled well, and they can make greatness. I believe they got the enormous potential that can be exploited and resolve issues that affect the world. The millennials are sharp smart, exposed to technology and with a focus much is achievable. They tend to deviate for lack of right guidance in their phase of life as they are faced with transitioning into adulthood. Indeed, they can transform the world issues by focusing on maximizing their strengths to achieve the imaginable. Simon pressures on the need for the youth to avoid exposure to technology with a concern about addiction to the devices. Nonetheless, I beg to differ on the same, rather than avoiding the devices since they bring about addiction, the focus should be on the bright side. The devices to have their merits as mobile technology is solving real-world issues. The ease of mobile transfer (mobile wallet), interface to access health care should not be overlooked. In conclusion, the millennials need support despite Simon

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