Mikka Mi Amor. Reconsidering Expression of Feelings

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Mikka Mi Amor. Reconsidering Expression of Feelings Mikka Mi Amor 2 is a poem by Bones Kendall, and it reveals various difficulties that arise when expressing love or feelings. Kendall shows that when two people are in love, it is important first to understand the likes and dislikes. For better understanding the poem, we can divide it into three parts, that is, the beginning, middle and end. In the beginning, Kendall argues he is using someone words, but that does not mean that the statement is a lie. In other words, people may quote words mentioned by others but does not mean the feelings are lies. At this point, Kendall shows the difficulty that arises when expressing feelings to someone else, especially for the first time. He continues to say that when a person is in love, there are some things they stop doing. However, this may mean respects or shyness. He clearly states in the fourth line "And you caught my eye" which illustrates that he is in love. However, because of that love, there are some things he cannot do because they will make him look awkward. Kendall confesses to wants to express his feelings, but he has no idea how to it because of the ways his gestures has been rejected. In other words, he means that may fall in love but does not know how to express their feelings. Although he is allowed to express through conversation, he does not know how she likes it. At this point, Kendall shows various challenges that people face while trying to express their feelings. As a result, he cautions that people should not tease those expressing their feelings because what they do, they do it with all their hearts. He clearly shows this by saying "I put my heart on the

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