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Student’s Name Course Instructor Course Title Date Midterm Memo From: Student’s Name Date: 2/22/18 Subject: Midterm Reflective Memo Writing is a skill that is learned slowly, and it requires one to incorporate various things to make progress. I have made a lot of development concerning my writing skills since the semester began up to now. Initially, I had a lot of problems when it came to writing. I knew how to write, but there were a lot of skills that I was still deficient of. Foremost, I have been able to improve my writing skills by learning some of the basic facts. I have acquired considerable knowledge about writing therefore, understanding the basic principles of writing. I have also made progress in drafting because these days I usually write like it is my errand. I have also improved my writing skills because this day I write keenly and proofread my work to avoid simple mistakes. Moreover, I have learnt how to punctuate indirect speech. I have also developed my writing skills as I can accurately use conjunctions. For example, initially, I had written ‘mostly walked quickly past, paying no attention.’ However, have brushed the basics and now I know it is supposed to be ‘most people quickly passed without paying any attention.’ I proofread my work to avoid simple mistakes such as ‘I must buck up.’ Initially, I did not know how to punctuate indirect speech for example When he would stop abruptly and shout, “Help a brother eat today!”. However, I know it is supposed to be He would abruptly stop and shout, “help a brother eat today!” In conclusion, one cannot fail to improve his writing skills as long as

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