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Students Name Instructor Course Date Micronesia Micronesia is a country situated in the northern Pacific Ocean and hosting above 600 islands and many islets. The country shares a diverse cultural divide and linguistic lines from the east to the west. The land is rich of high volcanic islands and low-lying corals. This means that there is a diverse coverage of plant forms and atolls even in the poor soils. Each of the four countries making the larger Micronesia has their population center usually located in the elevated landmass. Further, the region experiences almost even mean annual temperature averaging 27 degrees Celsius. This means that the seasons are predictable throughout the year. The diverse local dialects and ecological features make the republic one of the major tourist attraction centers. The country, however, gets much of its revenue from the funding by the US government that comes under the Compact Act of Free Association. The secondary source of income is the tourism sector that is raising gradually, the fish exports and farming. The only hindrance to tourism is the remote locality and under structural development. The only other sources of revenue are the large offshore deposits of phosphate. Almost all other goods are imported making the republic a consumer society. Some of the imported goods include food and foodstuffs, manufactured goods, fuel and oil. And where the government officials are lobbying for more investment in the industrial and tourism sector, the country has remained a consumer society. The republic’s traditions have been hugely influenced by the imported commodities which makes then conform to a single western culture.

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