MGT7019-8 Week 1 Assignment Assess Ethical Perspectives on Social Responsibility

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Ethical Perspective on Social ResponsibilityStudent Name Institutional affiliations Ethical Perspective on Social ResponsibilityIntroduction Social responsibility refers to the mandate of any corporation towards its environment, its employees, and its stakeholders. In this regard, it entails that a company has to undertake its activities in such a manner as for promoting ethical duty and is geared towards the improvement of social welfare. Social responsibility also entails, to a large degree the alleviation of any processes done by the company that may destroy the environment or may otherwise be construed as detrimental towards the overall enhancement of the society (Przychodzeń & Przychodzeń, 2014). As such, corporations, and their leaders, in particular, are to consider taking on projects that promote both the economic prowess of the company as well as the support of the society and the perpetuation of its wellbeing. Corporate social responsibility can best be highlighted by any actions that reside within the quadrant represented by the intersection of three elements; planetary welfare, community improvement, and enhancement of profit. Cohen’s interpretation of Social Responsibility With Regard to Stakeholders Cohen held true to the belief that a business’ paramount objective is always the realization and improvement of the profit-making ability of the company. As such, all activities to be undertaken by said company should be synonymous with this goal. In this respect, the upholding of corporate responsibility should not take preference over the profit-making prowess of the economic entity. Stakeholders in a company are predominately concerned with

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