Menchaca- Recovering History Constructing Race Summary.

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Book Review. Menchaca- Recovering History Constructing Race Summary. In the book, Menchaca makes a vital input to experience that the Mexican American people go through, a topic that for far too long has been ignored. Menchaca examines the Mexicans’ history in the modern day United States while reiterating the part that the legal system plays in forming restrictions for particular racial groups as well as establishing a second-class social, economic and political level for the Mexican Americans. In the first section of the book, a heartrending description of the mother of Menchaca, who refuses to be associated with her family’s African roots shows the ambivalence that the Mexican Americans have towards their own kind. Mexican Americans’ indigenous roots have always been embraced and known, but quite a few have accepted or understood the African links. The author does a fantastic job in elaborating historical documentation of most of the African links that Mexican Americans have as well as discussing early racial matters in Mexico between Anglo Americans and Mexican Americans. Menchaca also elaborates how history provides a bad impression that Southwest America was colonized entirely by the Spanish. On the contrary, Menchaca shows how this is not possible by elaborating the contribution that people who are of mixed-race played in the colonization process. Mirande- Gringo Justice. In his book, Mirande explores a lot of things including the relationship of the Chicanos to the legal system and showing how this system has caused a bias against the people of this tribe as well as their land being misappropriated. To show this, he goes back in time to show how this theme

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