Mega simulation Reflective report

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Executive Summary This reflection report is about the experiences in the MEGA simulation game carried out over a period of weeks by our group. The experience was not smooth all along; there were incidences when the group’s overall importance was questionable but other times when we seemed to have a sense of direction. The paper starts by highlighting the reflection technique used in the paper and why others were not used the goes ahead to highlight and reflect on the major critical incidents in the game. I used the Gibbs Reflective model as it was more straightforward and enabled a deeper reflection as opposed to other models such as Kolb’s. The model gives a step-by-step solution to reflection. The first critical incident was about the lack of communication and cohesion in the group due to various elements of diversity such as culture and personality. The second critical incident dealt with individual performance in the group, which was quite satisfactory. The delegation of tasks had a great impact on the group’s performance. Table of Contents Introduction 3 Critical Incidents4 2.1 Incident 1 4 2.1.1 Description4 2.1.2 Feelings4 2.1.3 Evaluation5 2.1.4 Analysis6 2.1.5 Conclusion 6 2.1.6 Action Plan7 2.2 Incident 27 2.2.1 Description 7 2.2.2 Feelings 8 2.2.3 Evaluation 8 2.2.4 Analysis 9 2.2.5 Conclusion 9 2.2.6 Action Plan10 Final Conclusion10 Introduction Reflection can be defined as “a form of mental processing with a purpose and/or anticipated outcome that is applied to relatively complex or unstructured ideas for which there is not an obvious solution.” (Moon, 1999, p.23). We cannot learn through experiences only as most people

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